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The official side of Namaste – Support for Nepal as a UK charity will be ending this year, meaning we will end our UK charitable status and close our bank account.  Changes will be implemented at the end of November 2017.  However, supporters of Namaste – Support for Nepal will continue to work voluntarily to further the objective of providing opportunity to young people in Nepal, primarily by paying for education.

The purpose of the charity’s closure in 2017 is to cut out administrative work that takes up a lot of trustees time which has been both high volume and unpaid since the birth of the charity.  The plan is for all further charitable work to be reduced and conducted within a simpler framework. Despite the closure of NSFN, Dave and Sarah will be continuing to run Namaste – Student’s House (NSH) with their own money and will remain involved in charitable work with a focus on education.

In addition to running NSH for older students, Dave and Sarah (with the support of friends) will provide as many scholarships and grants for education as possible to help young people get the best opportunity to become self-sufficient in the future.


We will maintain our promise that 100% of all donations are spent directly on the young people we sponsor and that we personally cover the cost of any additional charges or expenses.

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The Charity from 2011 to 2017

The charity, which will now close officially at the end of this year, was set up in January 2011 by Sarah Lawton and Dave Kerr, with the help of John Lawton and Phil Ball.  Our initial goal was to raise money in the UK to buy groceries and medicine for a group of children living in poor conditions at a children’s home in Kathmandu.

Over the years our goals and our mission have changed and in December 2015 we announced a name change from Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal to Namaste – Support for Nepal. We have faced many challenges over the years to do with working with children’s homes and are currently aiming to focus more on education, supporting poor families and promoting social care projects….And, of course, nurturing our own project: The Namaste Students’ House or NSH.

We have always been a small charity, although we grew considerably over the years.  We engaged in a wide range of charitable activities.  As a small charity, we were able to ensure that every penny the charity received reached the intended beneficiaries. Trustees personally cover all admin costs outside of Nepal.

100% of donors’ money reached our beneficiaries in Nepal.

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You can read our constitution here. (This was our governing document from 2011 thru 2017. Our constitution describes what our charity did, how it operated and the rules followed.)

Our Continuing Mission

Our mission is to help the disadvantaged in Nepal by promoting and providing responsible and sustainable support for people and communities.

Our mission enables us to work with families, communities, institutions or anyone promoting social welfare or rights in Nepal.  Our current primary goal is to create more opportunities for young people by paying for education for children, teenagers and students whose families cannot afford.

What We Did Over the Years

We set up our charity to directly support children at a home named Children’s Shade. The Nepali organisation was sadly a dysfunctional one run by Amir Ram Luhar where the children lived in poor conditions without even enough food.  Over the years we learnt that there are hundreds of similar institutions in Nepal where children are kept in bad conditions in order to inspire donations from foreign sponsors. Without any power to close the organisation down we provided direct welfare through our Nepali representative Shyam Bishunke. Shyam handled the day to day running of the children’s home in the absence of other staff and together we took control of many aspects of the children’s lives. Shyam also grew up an institution and is dedicated to the cause of helping disadvantaged young people get a good start in life.

Food & Medicine for children at Children’s Shade

The core goal of Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal, which later was re-named Namaste – Support for Nepal was to make sure that the children at Children’s Shade had a regular supply of food and were treated for illnesses. We managed to do this continuously since March 2012. The average cost of food for an entire month was £300.  We managed to bring about dramatic improvements to the kids’ lives by providing a steady supply of nutritional food.


March 2012                                                                          October 2015

Food picture for HLES

November 2017

Scholarships and Grants for School

We worked with High Land English School and partnered with Italian charity Noi e il Nepal  to provide many scholarships to Children’s Shade children, as well as other local children whose families could not afford.  It is still our goal to provide many more scholarships and grants for education for children of all ages.


Scholarships for College & the Namaste Students’ House

We made a big decision to continue helping teenagers after the completion of their School Leaving Certificates (this is the time when most young people are forced to leave children’s homes). The students we sponsor must be extremely motivated with a strong desire to go to college.


Please let us know if it would interest you to cover the costs for one of our students to go to college.

You can learn more about the Namaste – Students’ House on the Student’s House page.

Community Support

Following the 2015 earthquakes we provided groceries, equipment and school stationary to families suffering from extreme hardship.


We also responded to individual requests for support from Nepalese families in crisis.

Our newsletters contain comprehensive information about what Namaste has done over the years and how we accomplished it.

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