Anderton Primary School – Thank You! 1

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I visited Anderton Primary School in Chorley. Anderton Primary School is where my mother, Judith Foster, works and quite some time ago she told me that the school raises money for charities over the year, and that this year they would like to raise money for Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal.

We were delighted to be invited to the school to do a presentation to all of the children about the charity, and also to be presented with a cheque. Here’s a snap of Sarah and I doing the presentation.


It really was a pleasure to meet everyone, and words cannot describe the feeling when we were presented with £1000 for the charity!

We’d like to say thank you to everyone at Anderton Primary School for working so hard to raise this money, it makes an enormous difference. Also, I’d like to say a particular thank-you to Louise Minton and Judith Foster for all of their hard work.

Sarah and I were lucky enough to spend the rest of the morning in Mrs Foster’s class, getting to know the children. We had a wonderful time at Anderton Primary School and will be arranging to come back sometime to meet everyone again. The photo below really makes me smile, it’s a picture of us receiving the cheque with a student from every year-group.


There’ll be some details about the visit in our forthcoming newsletter, and for anyone from Anderton who might read this, we’re also sending some more materials to the school.

Thanks everyone who has helped – the money raised will be used to pay for food, and will feed everyone at Children’s Shade for more than three months, this is a tremendous achievement!


  • Kabi Raj Mali

    I am very happy that you are doing hard job for poor n orphan kids of Nepal. It incorrage me to do more to kids. Thanks a lot and keep it up.