Christmas at Children’s Shade

Hi Everyone,

Over the few weeks before Chistmas we started trying to raise some money for gifts and essentials for everyone at Children’s Shade children’s home. Sarah and I were doing this primarily at work – so for me that’s McKinsey and Company at Louvain-La-Neuve and for Sarah that’s CLL Centres de Langues and a variety of businesses around this part of Belgium.

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to this fundraising drive. Originally we were hoping to raise enough money to get the gifts that Shyam had planned for everyone, but in the end we raised enough not only for all of the gifts but also a new bed, extra games for everyone, wood for a fire and extra food for a party. For all of the extra money that was raised, we have put this towards school jumpers and school shoes for the new year, which is always quite an expense but a necessity too.

I’ve attached some of the photos from Christmas, we’d love any comments! Thanks to everyone who has helped, the funds raised and the exceptional work from Shyam made it a great Christmas for everyone.

This post has been written much later than I wanted – I’m afraid I’ve been exceptionally busy at work with a new project and balancing the charity and the work requirements can be tough, hopefully I’ll have the updates online sooner in the future. As a last point, I’d also like to thank Sagun Thapa for all the help she gave Shyam.

[XMas Presents – new blankets, toys, books, stationary and more. These are also resting on a new bed!]

XMas 9

[Blowing up balloons to decorate]


XMas 8

[More decorations!]

XMas 7

[The presents, all wrapped except for the new emergency lights]

XMas 6

[Everyone receiving their gifts]

XMas 5

[Lots of smiles]

XMas 4

[All made possible with the help of donors, sponors and fundraising. Thanks to all]

XMas 3

[Firewood and extra food was bought with the money raised too]

Xmas 2

[XMas Dinner!]

XMas 1