December 2015: Name and Purpose Change

SupportForNepalWe’ve changed our name from ‘Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal’ to ‘Namaste – Support for Nepal’. The reason we’ve decided we need to change our name is that over the years our goals and our mission have evolved.

We are aiming to focus more on education and support for families and communities.

When we started our charity, in 2011, we focused on providing immediate support to a group of children living in a children’s home in Kathmandu. At the time, we also aspired to being able to help more and more young people in institutions in Nepal. This is why we chose the name ‘Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal’.

However, over the last few years there has been an alarming increase in the number of ‘children’s homes’ which have opened solely for the purpose of making money, by exploiting the very young people they should be supporting.

Our goals have and continue to be to support disadvantaged children in Nepal , but we feel the best way to do this is through education, support for families and communities, and social care projects which operate for the greater good of all.

Since 2011 we’ve provided direct social care for young people in need, worked with many wonderful individuals and NGOs to provide education for dozens of children, opened our own small centre for young adults to pursue their goals of higher education, helped communities and families after the recent terrible earthquake and provided support during the current civil unrest. For a long time now our work and goals have not been focused on children’s homes and it’s time our name reflects more clearly the work we actually do.

Very little will change in terms of day-to-day work over the next few weeks and months; we are still supporting many of the same children and young adults we have supported for years. As we grow we will increase our support for education and higher education in Nepal, as well as for social welfare projects which can strengthen communities in the country.

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