During and after the earthquake

Apologies to those of you who are not on Facebook as that is where we have been posting regular and current updates.

All the children from Children’s Shade are fine and well.  No one suffered any injuries from the earthquake that took place on Saturday 25th April. At the time of the earthquake Shyam and the children made their way to open space and managed to construct a temporary tent where they stayed for a week before it was deemed safe to return back home. We are fortunate that both CS and NSH took no major damage although sadly many houses in the nearby town are destroyed.

During the period of camping the children made new friends and playmates and looked after one another.  Luckily Shyam had enough cash to enable him to buy food and water for everyone until emergency aid arrived from other organisations.

There is a water shortage right now, but Shyam has managed to obtain a large water tank. We have our fingers crossed that supplies will continue to be available

Most of the CS children have relatives in and outside of Kathmandu and we are relieved to hear that the children’s relatives are also OK.

Unfortunately we have sadder news from the wider community of High Land English School.  Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have been lost to this tragedy.

Our relief that the CS children are ok is mixed with the anguish of knowing how much has been lost for others and for the country as a whole.

As aftershocks continue this continues to be a scary time for everyone in Nepal and we wish them great courage.