Problems in Nepal

Today a very good article has been written in ‘The Guardian’ which talks about the orphan business in Nepal – the process of setting up an orphanage or children’s home with the express purpose of running it to make money from tourists and foreigners. This disgraceful practice is something that many of us who have been to Nepal have seen first hand.

The article is at and I’d strongly suggest reading it.

As this issue finally gets more and more exposure, we’ll be adding a ‘Responsibility’ section to our website, to describe clearly what we do to protect against these problems.

Until then, if any of you have had negative experiences with ‘orphanages’ or volunteering organisations, please let us know – I’d love to start pulling together people’s experiences and if possible creating a directory of orphanages, children’s homes and organisations, so that potential volunteers can read up on the experiences of others and make informed judgements of their own.