Sarah’s visit to Kathmandu July 2017

I’ve just got back from Kathmandu after a wonderful stay and many happy moments with my (very grown-up) brothers and sisters.

We are in a better and happier situation than ever before.  Shyam is completely recovered from a serious tuberculosis infection and all our students and children are healthy and happy.  The Namaste Students’ House (NSH) is still a massive success and the most crucial development is that we have managed to completely cut loose from the dysfunctional Children’s Shade (CS) organisation which has dragged us down for so many years and now exists in name only.

The children who have not yet outgrown Children’s Shade are finally in more suitable and comfortable living conditions at a boarding house at High Land English School and nine former CS children are now adults and part of what we like to call ‘The NSH Family’, they are either boarding at our building, the Namaste Students’ House (NSH) or have left to do their own work or studies independently.




It was wonderful to spend precious time with all these wonderful people, encouraging to see the slow but sure reconstruction of Kathmandu’s ancient buildings and temples and I can’t wait for my next visit!