Christmas Campaign 2016

Goals for Christmas 2016

£570 for the Namaste Student’s House (NSH)

£2,520 for College Scholarships (three students 2016-17)

£3,600 for College Scholarships (three students 2017-18)

£310 for Medical Support (for families of students)

£1,500 for 13 Scholarship Grants for School Children

£200 for Groceries, Medical Treatment and/or School Stationary

£250 Further Training for a PCL Qualified Nurse

Target Amount: £10,000 by February 2017

Read more details of our targets and cost breakdowns in the 2016 Newsletter 6.

Donations Received

  1. We received £300 from our long-term sponsors from France
  2. Shyam has received 300 Euros from long-term sponsors in Spain

Our heartfelt thanks to our donors!

Items for the Namaste Student’s House (NSH)


Approx. £164

Vacuum Cleaner

Approx. £71


Approx. £22

Gas Heater

Approx. £86

Kitchen Equipment

Approx. £22

Emergency Light

Approx. £22


Approx. £71

Fund for Soft Furnishings and Repairs

Approx. £107

All of the above, except a wardrobe, have now been purchased. Some money was spent on education in the form of grants and scholarships, the rest to cover costs of running the Students’ House as well as additional support to families by buying medicines, groceries and other basic supplies.

With small donations from you we will be able to provide gifts of food, stationary or medicine to poor people in our community network.  £5 can make a big difference to people living in poverty in Nepal.