Separation from Children’s Shade

We initiated total separation from CS at the end of 2016.  For many years the absent CS management left all logistical and financial management of the children’s home to Shyam and us with almost no contribution at all.  It was complete neglect and abandonment of their legal responsibility for the children but with no other good options we persevered and provided the children with food, medicine, schooling, and even managed bills left otherwise unpaid by CS. Fortunately we had Noi e il Nepal funding school fees and WorldLink paying rent since 2013.  Gradually conditions got better and better for the children. Over the years however, as you may already know, it was discovered that the CS management had been taking credit for our hard work and actively engaging in fundraising in Nepal and abroad but not using the money, and sadly the Nepali authorities took no notice of us.

When Shyam was diagnosed with pneumonia and tuberculosis last year the older students (those who had already left CS and moved into our independent NSH building) helped us to continue operations by delivering food and medicines etc. to the CS children.  However, during Shyam’s absence new CS staff moved into the CS building and in 2016 Sarah visited and found that conditions at CS had fallen (a ploy used by children’s homes in poor countries to inspire donations), items had been removed and the children were coerced into begging from foreign volunteers who visited (something which Shyam had always prevented).

With our most vulnerable children already grown-up and at NSH, we made the long-awaited decision to cut ties with CS; notice was given to CS, existing relatives of the children and also to the government’s Child Welfare agency (CCWB) that we would be withdrawing all our support due to the problems we were facing.  From December 2016, NSFN stopped all deliveries to CS, we stopped management of bills and all other things. Within a few (difficult) months we achieved the desired result: The children were all relocated to much better accommodations at High Land English School boarding house, and the CS organisation now exists in name only.  This is a monumental achievement for us.  The fight to close down the CS organisation completely and stop their fraudulent fundraising remains a battle for another day… For the moment we are delighted that our beloved children are safe, happy and free from exploitation.

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