NSFN Closure

The official side of Namaste – Support for Nepal will be ending this year, meaning we will close our bank account and end our UK charitable status.  Changes will be implemented at the end of November 2017.

The purpose of closure is to cut out administrative work that takes up a lot of trustees time which has been high volume and unpaid since the birth of the charity.  The plan is for all further charitable work to be reduced and conducted within a simpler framework. Despite the closure of NSFN, Dave and Sarah will be continuing to run Namaste – Student’s House (NSH) with their own money and will remain involved in charitable work with a focus on education.

In addition to running NSH for older students, Dave and Sarah (with the support of friends) will provide as many scholarships and grants for education as possible to help young people get the best opportunity to become self-sufficient in the future.


Running NSFN has largely been a two-man-show with Shyam and Sarah working long hours to keep things moving forward; together we provided all necessary things for the children of Children’s Shade home for many years, as well as helping many other students and families.  We finally achieved one of our main goals; that is, stability and security for the children who were part of the dysfunctional Children’s Shade (CS) organisation; all of them are now living in good conditions, either at NSH, boarding at their school, or grown up and living independently.  CS now exists in name only. We are especially proud of our grown up students who are now adults and part of what we like to call ‘The NSH Family’. We hope you take the time to look through our seventh and last newsletter to read more about developments and look at a collection of our photos from the last few years to present.

It will of course be sad to end our small charity, but we believe now is the natural time for NSFN to come to a close.  After years of devotion and a lot of sacrifice, the time has come to reduce the workload and, for Sarah and Shyam in particular, to regain the time for personal life and ambition.  We will keep on hosting our website and Facebook page under the same name as a means to share information regarding NSH and our continued charitable work.

I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to you for supporting us on our long and difficult journey so far, we have brought hope, health and opportunity to many young people and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

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