Newsletter 4
Newsletter Issue 4 has arrived! Our new newsletter is finished, it’s filled with information and photos of what we’ve been doing over the last year! Download Newsletter Print Appeal Some hard copies have been sent out today to our current regular sponsors – those copies have been printed and paid […]

New Newsletter

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A few weeks ago, Sarah and I visited Anderton Primary School in Chorley. Anderton Primary School is where my mother, Judith Foster, works and quite some time ago she told me that the school raises money for charities over the year, and that this year they would like to raise […]

Anderton Primary School – Thank You!

Hi Everyone, I’d just like to let you all know that we’ve sent the money transfer of money for food for everyone at the children’s home, this month we’ve sent £349.49 which will cover the costs of food for the next five weeks or so. I’d like to say a big […]

Monthly Food Transfer for June

As some of you will know, our friend Ian Dainton recently ran a half-marathon, and raised money to help Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal while doing it! Ian completed the Marathon in 1:44:46, here’s a photo of the happy athlete!   Ian raised over £130 for Namaste, thanks to everyone who was […]

A Big Thanks to Ian!

Hi All! Our friend Ian Dainton is running a marathon this month, and he’s raising money for Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal! Take a look at the Marathon page we’ve set up to find out all of the details. The page is at

Ian’s Marathon

Hi Everyone! Well with lots of work and a bit of trial and error, I’ve got the Blog page working for the Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal website. The idea behind this page is that we’ll be able to share information with everyone who’s interested in NCHN quickly and easily. Until […]

Namaste Blog Online

We’ve made some changes to the Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal website this weekend. It’s now going to be easier for all of us to update the information on the site, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more news and updates here regularly. Some more good news – we have two […]

Welcome to the New Site