‘Rainbow of Feelings’ Art Carnival….a big thank you to Albie 1




For the second year running the children at Children’s shade along with our NSH Students took part in an art programme for children. This year’s event ‘Rainbow of Feelings’ Art Carnival, two days full of fun and creative activities, was co-organised by Nepal Childrens’ Art Museum and founder of ‘Colour Them Safe’, Albie.

We met Albie last year when he ran his ‘Colour Them Safe’ arts programme with the children – which was a huge success and great experience for the children.

These events give children the opportunity to learn how to express their feelings through art. We would like to thank Albie for inviting the children again to participate in such a fun and unique day and for his dedication in brightening the lives of underprivileged children.

We look forward to the next Art Carnival and thank all the other volunteers out there also for making them happen!

NCAM_carnival_photos(4x6)_NamasteNepal_web5 NCAM_carnival_photos(4x6)_NamasteNepal_web6 NCAM_carnival_photos(4x6)_NamasteNepal_web7 NCAM_carnival_photos(4x6)_NamasteNepal_web63

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