The Namaste Students’ House

Many teenagers and young adults in Nepal are unable to continue their education after their ‘School Leaving Certificate’ (the equivalent of GCSEs) because of they can’t afford to.

For most Nepali children living in children’s homes, once they have completed their SLC, they are forced to leave the home, and further education becomes impossible.

We aim to offer help and support to older students / young adults (starting with the older children that we’ve been working with for the last four years) to really give them the best start in their adult lives.

About the Namaste Students’ House…

We now rent a 3 roomed flat, with one bathroom, a large kitchen/communal area and a small outside area. The house provides shelter and continued support to older students (from 18 years old) who wish to study or undergo work related training.

We support older students so they can continue their education past School Leavers Certificate.


Our first two students moved in at the beginning of January 2015

The two eldest students from Children’s Shade were officially signed out of Children’s Shade in 2014 when they finished their SLCs and in January 2015 they moved into the peaceful and calm environment of the Namaste Students’ House.  We have had several students lodge with us whilst doing Higher Secondary Education.  To date we have three students already graduated, and six students are currently enrolled in courses that are funded by us.

Further education

As well as providing accommodation, food and general support to older children, our priority is to open up opportunities for them to study for further qualifications and/or allow them to complete practical training to help them find jobs.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Scholarships and Grants for students or would like to discuss any related topic, we will be happy to hear from you. Please email or

Nepali citizens can write to

Making a House a Home…


In December 2014 we ran a successful Christmas campaign to provide essential furniture and household items for the house.

Thanks to many generous donations we raised over £1000 to buy new items for the house!


By the end of 2015 NSH was fully equipped and a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Click here to view the items that we bought for NSH following the 2014 Christmas Campaign.

Namaste Students’ House (NSH) 2017

Our facilities at NSH are better and more comfortable these days now that we have provided new items such as a fridge, a gas heater, a vacuum cleaner and many other items.

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The NSH Family 2017

This refers to the older students we have supported through Higher Secondary Education

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