Setting Up

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It’s been an exciting project to make the Namaste Students’ House more homely and functional for studying and living.  Thanks to the generous donations we received during the 2014 Christmas Campaign for the Namaste Students’ House  we’ve been able to buy everything from our wish list and more.

Thanks to many generous donations we raised over £1000 to buy new items for the house!


Items Obtained during 2015:

Bunk beds, duvets, sheets, pillows, mattresses, curtains and a range of cooking equipment.


A water tank, bata (basin), dadu (saucepan), deckchi (saucepan), frying pan, jugs, big bowls.


A rice cooker, spoons, a storage box, a plates stand, a vegetables stand.


Carpets for the kitchen, the girls’ room and the boys’ room and new duvet covers.

In addition to helping us pay for college fees for the students at NSH and electricity for Children’s Shade, Cathy and the Mater Hospital Pathology Staff helped us to buy many extra items for the students’ house.


A gas lighter, assorted cleaning materials and a shoe rack.


Clothes racks, emergency lamp and an iron.


Table and chairs for the kitchen.

Bookcase (1)


Bookcase and an extra shoe rack.


2015.08.01 New things for NSH

An essential water filter and additional bits and pieces.

Christmas 2014 Wish List: