Then and Now – Our Journey

In 2010

Sarah met Shyam and the children at Children’s Shade orphanage for the first time.

In 2011

Sarah returned to Kathmandu, this time with Dave, and found the CS children in dire conditions with Shyam struggling to look after everyone.

This led to the foundation of Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal, with the initial goal to supplement the diet and medical needs of children living in poor quality institutions in Nepal.

In 2012

NCHN started large, regular, monthly grocery deliveries to Children’s Shade (CS) home.

Also started paying for medical treatment for the children of CS.

Started liaising with High Land English School (HLES).

Purchased school uniforms and stationary for the children of CS.

Purchased many household items for CS.

Ran successful campaigns to buy new coats and school bags.

In 2013

Connection established with Noi e il Nepal and collaboration to pay HLES school fees.

Continued to provide all groceries to CS children with monthly and weekly deliveries.

Provided many other items to support Shyam and the CS children.

WorldLink relocated CS children to better housing.

In 2014

Continued to provide all groceries to CS children.

Formed an official agreement with HLES & Noi e il Nepal regarding payment of school fees.

Provided new uniforms and stationary to the CS children.

Provided all medical treatment to CS children.

Established the Namaste Students’ House (NSH) and college scholarship program.

Provided various other support to Shyam and the children of CS.

In 2015

Continued to provide all groceries to CS children.

Provided all medical treatment to CS children.

Expanded our community network and provided scholarships to 8 new children.

Provided new uniforms and stationary to all our sponsored children.

Provided some direct welfare to local victims of the catastrophic earthquakes.

Managed the regular payment of electricity bills for CS which were otherwise unpaid.

Continued running and improving facilities at NSH.

Provided scholarships for college to 2 new students.

Changed name to Namaste – Support for Nepal.

In 2016

Continued to provide all necessary things to the children of CS until November 2016.

Provided more school scholarships to children of poor families.

Enrolled two new students at college and continued running NSH.

Responded to support requests from poor families.

Stopped deliveries and support for CS in December an effort to close down the dysfunctional institution.

In 2017

All children successfully relocated to better accommodation.

Sarah visited Kathmandu in July 2017 to find everyone well and in good conditions.

Photos of Then and Now

Through the years




CS 2017

NSH 2017

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